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Find out how to book, our cleaning methods and what we do when that stubborn stain just won't come out!


A standard room size in any modern home can vary but is approximately around 3.3 x 3.3m2 or the size of a small bedroom. Rooms such as lounge, dining, family & media rooms are quoted at 2 or more standard rooms. 

Eg.1 Lounge Room + 2 Bedrooms = 4 Standard Rooms. 

What is a Standard Room Size?

Will cleaning my carpet remove all stains?

Our technicians are trained to treat & eliminate as many stains and spots as possible!

All stubborn stains and tough spots are assessed & treated with special solutions prior to cleaning. 

We want you to get the best result possible! Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed. There are some substances that will permanently discolour, damage & stain carpet fibres. If this is the case you will be notified. 

What method do you use for cleaning?

We use the hot water extraction method, commonly referred to as steam cleaning.

We use the latest high tech hot water extraction equipment and specially formulated carpet cleaning solutions.

Our ultimate goal is to remove the toughest, deepest dirt, safely and gently. The hot water and powerful cleaning solution are then injected into the carpet fibres (not into the carpet underlay by the way). To follow, the extraction part....a powerful vacuum suction extracts deep-down dirt, dust, allegers, odours, the cleaning solution & 90% of the moisture leaving the carpet super fresh and super clean. 


How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

This can vary and be anywhere from 6-12 hours for the carpet to be completely dry.

The weather, humidity, carpet thickness, room air flow, room temperature and condition of carpet can all affect dry time. There are things you can do to speed up the process! Use fans,turn on air-con & open windows. Immediately after cleaning the carpet will be damp to touch but ok to walk on. Avoid shoes as this may re-soil the carpet. 


Do I need to move furniture?

We request that you move all small items, breakables, delicates, toys, power cords & pot plant stands etc before the cleaning technician arrives. Our technicians will usually move items such as floor lamps, small tables, chairs etc. Some furniture like beds, dressers, pianos, tv and wall units and other large, heavy items can be moved but are not usually included in the estimated price. If you require this service please let us know upon booking to allow extra time and a possible extra pair of hands. 

Do I need to be at the property when technician arrives?

No, of course not! We know you have better things to do than watch someone clean carpet! 

Many of our clients feel perfectly comfortable leaving our cleaning professionals unattended while they get the job done. There are a few options...our technician can meet you at the property to gain access, arrange to leave a key in a designated spot or have a neighbour, friend or relative give entry to the cleaners. For end of lease properties we are happy to pick up & return the key from your real estate for a small fee if needed. Whatever option you choose, the property will be left how it was found just with cleaner fresher carpets. 

Are there any hidden costs?

We aim to give you the most accurate quote possible when you initially contact us. 

Our quotes include pre treatments, deodorising and general stain removal. Occasionally the total of the “Estimated Quote” may change due unforeseen circumstances or we were not notified upon booking. It is important to give us as much info as possible when you enquire. Factors such as heavily trafficked/soiled areas, mis-communicated size of area, heavily stained and damaged carpets all will affect the cost. 

How often should I clean my carpets?

We recommend every 6-12months. This is usually gauged by the use of the area.

If you have kids, pets or your a art and crafty kinda person, you might be calling us a bit more often. If you need any help with making this decision let us know we are happy to customise according to your needs. 

How do Bond Cleaning Hours work?

Do you offer bond cleaning and pest control services?

Fresh Carpet Cleaners is not just about carpets. We offer a wide range of other services. 

Upholstery Cleaning, End Of Lease Cleaning & Pest Control are just to name a few. 


How do I book a service?

PH: 0447 045 444

EMAIL: info@freshcarpetcleaners.com.au


Bond cleaning varies for each property. We chose to make these services flexible. You choose the amount of hours you want our professional cleaners at the property. For larger jobs we send a team of cleaners, for a helping hand on a DIY job you may only need one of our top bond cleaners. No matter what we will be able to set up a cleaning plan to suit you. Bond cleaning can be a tedious task and we are here to help. Not sure how many hours you need? Find Out Below.Don't forget to check out our End Of Lease Package Deals!

What are your payment options?

We accept most credit/debit cards & cash payments. You have the option to pay over the phone, an emailed 'payment link' or in person. Payment is due on the day of cleaning. We do not offer direct deposit option for residential or non commercial properties. Commercial clients please contact us regarding account options. 

Please Note: A 2% credit card surcharge may apply. 

Is Fresh Carpet Cleaners insured? 

Fresh Carpet Cleaners Newcastle has your safety and property covered with public liability, and property damage insurance.